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MX Endurance is becoming Pho3nix Club. Pho3nix Club is not just another triathlon club – it transcends triathlon. As a member of MX Endurance, you get first access.

A Pho3nix Club membership offers unique global experiences both within our great sport of triathlon and beyond, plus it gives you the chance to contribute to the many key projects of the Pho3nix Foundation.


The Pho3nix Club is your exclusive ticket to the world of high-end Endurance sports. Whether you are competing solo or as part of a corporate team, Pho3nix Club gives you access to the world of global endurance sporting events, from marathons to cycling, and sprint triathlon to Ironman, all the while supporting the Pho3nix Foundation's mission to assist and inspire children to participate and grow through sport.
Membership in Pho3nix Club is currently invitation-only. As an MX Endurance member, you will automatically receive an invitation to join as a founding member.

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Rising up together, a powerful force for good.

The Pho3nix Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on helping children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, stay healthy and active by creating a complete ecosystem for development in sport through the Participation, Progression, Professional, Purpose pathway.


Thailand VIP Triathlon Camp

Bespoke Triathlon Training in Paradise Swim in pristine waters.

Cycle breathtaking landscapes. Run alongside like-minded individuals who share your passion for sport.

Witness the Transformative Power of the Pho3nix

Foundation Sit in at the Pho3nix Future Camp, where Asia’s best up-and-coming junior athletes learn from sports and industry leaders as they look to step into professional sport. Meet and interact with Olympic medallists, world champions and sporting professionals.

Compete in The Race of Legends

Race as an individual or on a team at the iconic Laguna Phuket Triathlon, Southeast Asia’s longest-running destination multisport festival, 5th on the 10 Best Triathlons in the World list.

Immerse yourself in the heart of our mission

This VIP experience is designed for those who are not only driven by personal excellence but also have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world.  Join us in Thailand and become part of a tight-knit community united by the shared goal of using athletic endeavour to support a meaningful cause.

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15th - 19th November 2023

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Pho3nix Club will deliver the ultimate in bespoke access to its members, with tiered memberships offering unique experiences around the world both within our great sport of triathlon, and also more broadly in endurance sport.

The Pho3nix family spans generations, capabilities and goals. The pillars of our pathway program include Participation, Progression, Professional, Purpose. You are joining a wider group of like-minded people, all pursuing the same active lifestyle while inspiring the wider community.

Membership in Pho3nix Club is currently invitation-only. As an MX Endurance member, you will automatically receive an invitation to join the Pho3nix Club.

As a community, MX Endurance members will be amazing ambassadors for the Pho3nix Foundation. Pho3nix intends to create a worldwide movement in which sport and activity are integral to the personal development of all young people, fostering a sense of purpose, focus, and possibility that strengthens across generations. MX Endurance’s aims of being physically active and involved in community feeds into this larger purpose and vision for creating pathways of progression in sport.

Pho3nix Club will not be just a triathlon club. Pho3nix Club Members will have the opportunity to experience bucket list events around the world with a focus on raising funds for the Pho3nix Foundation.

Our targeted events include marathons, cycling sportives, triathlons, and adventure sports, as well as other sports linked to current and future Pho3nix Foundation initiatives.

Once your membership is up for renewal, you will be prompted to join any of the tiers. If you choose not to proceed with your membership, to rejoin the Pho3nix Club you must be invited.

You must opt in to continue your membership with the Pho3nix Club.

Being a member of Pho3nix Club will make you part of a community with access to the sports biggest stars. The best part is: you can be the best athlete you can be with the support of our community – and make a difference at the same time.

Pho3nix Club members will have the opportunity to gain entry to big events through fundraising for the Pho3nix Foundation - a not-for-profit that encourages and assists kids to live their best life through sport.

MX memberships are equivalent to the Ruby membership tier. Please see membership tiers below.

Yes, generic training plans and videos are accessible for Ruby membership tier upwards. If you purchase or fundraise to a particular VIP event, you will also receive a training plan for that event.

We are phasing out the MX Race Team as all members become part of the new Pho3nix Club.

We are spinning off into the Talking Triathlon podcast, which is part of the greater Mana Group network.

We work with particular coaches and experts per VIP event on bespoke training plans.

We will be revealing the various new kits which will be aligned to the tier you’re signed to.

The Pho3nix Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on helping children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, stay healthy and active through sports and physical activity. Pho3nix Foundation’s flagship programs under the 4P’s pathway create a complete ecosystem for development through sport:


Pho3nix Kids inspires and motivates children to participate in physical activity.


Pho3nix Future mentors promising young athletes in their long-term development toward successful sports careers.

Pho3nix Junior Team assists junior athletes taking the next step toward professional sport.


Pho3nix Athlete Program funds athletes aiming to qualify for an Olympic Games.

Pho3nix Team supports the world’s best athletes in their efforts to achieve and inspire .


Finding ways to give back to the next generation, through varied global projects that give kids an equal start.

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