Ben Wilson

Cycling Coach

Cycling Made Simple

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is a common saying for sport and fitness, but for many people it’s easier to quit for many reasons: they don’t find what they’re doing enjoyable, it’s too complicated, it’s hard to stay motivated, etcetera.

Whether you’re dreaming of riding your first fondo or being competitive in your category, the path to achieving those goals can be simpler and easier with the right guidance. Even better, the journey to getting there can even be FUN.

Ben Wilson has been involved in the world of cycling for over 30 years, since he was a 16-year-old school boy racing in the UK right up to representing Great Britain and racing around the world. As a masters rider, he won the road race title at the 2009 World Masters Games in Sydney and placed 3rd in the time trial.

He has completed over 450 races and has helped over 400 athletes at all abilities from complete novices to international-level riders get better at and enjoy cycling.

MX Endurance founder Chris McCormack and Ben Wilson at the Dallaglio Cycle Slam

“Even though I’ve raced with, trained with, and coached ‘the best’, I find my clients get the most fulfillment with just enough support to achieve their goals while still having a good time.”

In a world where science and numbers dominate, Ben is still keen to get riders to understand their bodies as well as their bike computers, and most importantly have fun while they are doing it.

Ben works with his athletes by agreeing on realistic goals, creating achievable training plans and motivating you through them, and giving you the technique and tactics to make your rides and events easier and more enjoyable.

“Your aspirations aren’t too big. You can ride any ride you want to, as long as you’re ready to put the time in… Let my decades of racing, years of testing equipment, and mistakes be of use to you.

“My favourite moment? It’s the one when I look up from my bike and I’m rewarded with that great countryside vista and the satisfaction of weathering all the highs and lows it took to get there.

“I want you to enjoy that moment as much as I do when you cycle.”

Alongside coaching, Ben organises training camps, alpine climbing master classes and is the route director for one of the world's biggest multi-day charity bike rides: the Dallaglio Cycle Slam.

Find out more at his website or get in touch through [email protected]