Chris McCormack


Four-Time Triathlon World Champion

With four World Championship titles to his name and countless more international race wins, Chris McCormack is one of the most successful athletes in the history of triathlon. The only male athlete to conquer every triathlon distance with World Championship gold, Macca is considered the most complete multisport athlete ever and the catalyst of the emerging new age triathlon talent that is flawless at swimming, biking and running.

Macca began running in school and won numerous Australian athletic and cross country titles through secondary school, then went to university on a running scholarship. While in university, Macca raced his first triathlon and went on to win two Australian junior titles. He completed his Bachelor of Economics degree, majoring in accounting and marketing and did a short stint as a banker in funds management with Bankers Trusts before deciding the life of a professional athlete was for him.

He sold his belongings and flew to Europe to chase his dream in 1996, and by the following year he was ranked #1 in the world and had won both the ITU Triathlon World Championship and the ITU Triathlon World Cup, the first male triathlete to do so. He would be ranked ITU World number 1 for more than 26 months in total, and would win nearly every major short course title on the global triathlon calendar before shifting his focus to Ironman racing. (He would return to ITU racing briefly in 2012, winning the Long Course World Championship.)

He also logged four ironman finishes under 8 hours, becoming the first non-European to break the magic 8-hour mark. Winning the Ironman World Championship two times is the crowning achievement of his athletic career.

His biography I’m Here to Win was a New York Times bestseller and has also gone on to bestseller status in Germany, Australia, Russia, and France. As a passionate scholar of the sport with a keen eye for athletic talent and an understanding of what pathways would bring it to its fullest potential, Macca accurately predicted the rise of German athletes to the top of long-distance triathlon, and how ITU athletes moving into Ironman racing would change the game.

Macca’s straightforward and passionate approach to his own athletic career as well as succeeding endeavors led to creating MX Endurance as a way to give access to top quality talent and experts in the sport to anyone who wants it, no bullsh** added.

Here are some of his career stats:

  • Won 76% of career events.
  • Finished on the podium 88% of the time.
  • Won 200+ races around the world since 1993.
  • Olympic Course + Ironman World Champion.
  • Twelve Ironman Victories, more than any other male.
  • Broken 8 hrs in Ironman distances 4 times. (Only man to do so)
  • Five-time International Triathlete of the Year.
  • Five-time Competitor of the Year.
  • ESPN World’s Fittest Man.