Stephen Reville

Triathlon / Strength & Conditioning / Weight Loss / Nutrition

Triathlon / Strength & Conditioning / Weight Loss / Nutrition

Using a multidisciplinary approach with athletes and considering their individual needs, Stephen Reville brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to his coaching.

Nine years ago he started coaching as a fitness instructor in his native Ireland, eventually building his own gym and fitness business. After falling in love with the sport of triathlon, he has moved to Australia for its great training grounds and all-round excellent weather.

Prior to his full-time career in fitness, Stephen worked in construction pulling 11- to 14-hour shifts six days per week while trying to compete.

"If anyone understands how to work long physical hours and go sub 4:30 for a 70.3, then that’s me."

Stephen studies his athletes keenly, listening to them and trying to learn everything about them, believing this is what makes him a good, solid coach. He says, "The better I know them, the better their plan." He checks in with his athletes regularly within the week, and is available to consult day or night.

Whatever goals you wish to achieve, Stephen does his utmost best to guide you on your journey.

He has worked with different kinds of athletes and goals: triathlon, running, boxing, weight loss, nutrition, strength and conditioning. Additionally, he uses multiple disciplines to bring about the end results desired.

"I've done boxing classes with kids to calm down some of the hyperactive kids and show them some self-defense. I've done strength and conditioning with Irish dancers, strengthening lower limbs to decrease the niggles in their hips, knees and ankles. I have helped people beat depression through exercise and eating clean. I've taken on people with disabilities; I turn nobody away. Everyone is welcome."

Stephen is a Level 2 ITEC Gym Instructor, Level 3 RI Nutritionist, and has also done many one-day workshops (TRX, Circuit training, Kettlebells). His understanding of anatomy and physiology from this formal learning brings real insights into how the human body works.

He has been coached by national boxing and Olympic coaches Billy Walsh and Eddie Bolger, and carries his learnings from them into triathlon. He has also been advised by excellent triathlon coaches including Alan Ryan, a competitive age grouper and the only Irish man to get on the podium twice at the Ironman World Championship.

He has travelled many countries and has lived in Ireland, England, Sweden, New Zealand, and now Australia.

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