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Wherever you are in the world, whatever your ability or goals, MX Endurance is designed to make triathlon better for all triathletes — and all triathletes better!

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Enjoy exclusive discounts, connect with athletes, professionals and experts, find new ways to improve your triathlon performance.


Triathlon may be a solo sport -- but having a team in your corner will help you improve and maximise your potential. Ask questions, find training partners or a group of people to train and race with.

  • Meet athletes just like you on our closed Facebook group and training platform
  • Enjoy a supportive environment -- train hard but have fun doing so!
  • Join competitions and fun team activities

“When I started in triathlon I had no direction, no idea and no team or community backup due to my location but through social media I found my way to MX Endurance where I now have an entire global team of mates and professionals by my side, and the banter is endless!”

With athletes, coaches, and experts of all levels from beginner to World Champion professional in our community, there is someone with the answer for any question you may have.

Triathlon Expertise

Expand your triathlon knowledge with exclusive content available only to MX Endurance members.

  • Direct access to coaches and experts: triathlon-specific, sport-specific, weight loss, strength and conditioning, dietitians, sports scientists, exercise physiologists, mindset experts, world champions and more
  • Insider access to four-time triathlon world champion Chris McCormack
  • Exclusive members-only podcasts
  • Discounted entry to MX Endurance training camps
  • Submit input and ask questions on the MX Endurance podcast

“Coming from a small town I didn’t have a big group of people to get encouragement/advice from. By joining MX I now have a diverse group of people from around the world who can answer questions and motivate me in the dead of winter when it’s summer in their part of the world!”

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“Triathlon may be known as a sport of one, but being part of MX Endurance has taught me I’m never alone.”