“Shrink it and pink it” isn’t good enough for women in triathlon anymore.

We have different needs than men in clothing, training and fuelling, so something that works for them may not work for us.

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Did you know that various times of your cycle significantly impact your power output and endurance, whether you more easily burn carbs or fat, and so much more? Do you have days it seems like no matter what you do you can’t hit your power or pace goals? Or days you feel like you can keep going forever? These can all be tied back to the hormonal phases that your body goes through monthly -- and you can work with your cycle to optimise your performance!

MX Endurance Coach Jenna-Caer Seefried has created a women’s specific training plan taking into account the latest women-specific research in endurance sports, her own experience as well as years of coaching women of all stages in life. Paired with a women’s only private group to support each other and share experiences in this male-dominated sport.

Optimise your training to enhance both power and endurance.
Time the kinds of sessions you do according to how your hormones change your body’s needs and strengths through the month.

What You Get

  • Monthly training plan delivered through Training Peaks periodized for your goal race so you peak in time for it scheduled to optimise training during the different hormonal phases of your cycle
  • Monthly e-mail to check in on progress and make any adjustments needed for the month ahead
  • Membership to MX Endurance including team kits, sponsor discounts and experts in everything from nutrition, swim coaching, mental toughness, strength training and more
  • Women’s only MX Endurance private Facebook group for support and motivation