Member Profile: Meirion Evans

This week’s member focus is on Meirion Evans from North Wales in the United Kingdom.

A self-described “just a boring normal MFer”, he took up triathlon in an age-related moment of madness.

Like many MX Endurance members, Meirion is an age grouper who wants to get better. Working his way through the different distances, he has yet to settle on a favourite one – although he loves long trail runs in Zone 2, and counts finishing each event and going longer in distance as his biggest triathlon achievements.

Next up for him are two massive races on foot. The Rat Race - Man v Mountain involves 22 miles – but also 5,055 feet of ascent starting from sea level, including an infamous “Vertical Kilometre”. One month after that, he will cap the year with the Snowdonia Marathon, a circumnavigation of the Snowdon Massif.

He says, “Life is too short for taking everything seriously!” We agree.