Member Spotlight: Jaime Pineda

Jaime Pineda has been with MX Endurance from the very beginning. Although based in Mexico City, he has raced and met up with MX Endurance members all around the world including our various training and race camps.

"I'm 42 years old and I'm a father of 2 girls Fer (10) and Andrea (8). I'm a trader working at a bank, and I absolutely love triathlon," he says.

His path into triathlon was seeing a video of the “second Iron War” between MX Endurance founder Chris McCormack and Andreas Raelert from the Ironman World Championship race in 2010.

Jaime says, “I didn’t know anything about triathlon until one day back in 2011 while scrolling on Facebook I saw a video of Macca vs. Raelert. It got me instantly and I started googling about Ironman.” It motivated him to start running, get a bike, and start swimming. “At first I couldn’t run even 1K without getting tired… In 2012 I raced my first sprint. And the minute I learned about MX I joined the team. That was back in early 2014.” His girlfriend also briefly joined MX that year.

Among the many medals he has earned over the past ten years, he is proudest of the one from Ironman Mont Tremblant 2016. He says, “What a tough day. Not only a hard course, but terrible storm all day long.”

Jaime considers himself an average age grouper, but getting better thanks to his coach as well as using the MX Endurance plans and workouts. His favorite workout is the Leg Smasher.

His preferred distance is Ironman, of course. He is preparing for Ironman Alaska, and probably Ironman Cozumel – if fellow MX members Tenchi and Brian decide to race it, too.