Why Join MX Endurance? Part 3: the People and the Pairing

In Part 2 of this series, I talked about the various ways MX keeps its members engaged and supported throughout the year. For MX, their network is their net worth and it's the people that make up the sum of its parts that have been most impactful on my experience as a member.

The People

I’ve met up with MXers for social rides, and on them we debated if ITU is more exciting than 70.3 racing (for the record: yes, it is).

Several key triathlon events came up that were live streamed, and I was invited to watch parties with the MX gang to chat in real time as Challenge Miami and Daytona unfolded. When I had to bail early and go to work, a few members then sent me messages with the results as they unfolded in real time.

Another MX member also reached out and got me to watch Hayden Wilde’s 1-hour record attempt with them. No one else I know on the planet would have ever bothered to do that. Sure. Lets face it, there’s not many triathlon tragics like me who care enough - but THAT'S what’s so good about MX: people knew what I loved, and then reached out when they saw things were unfolding that were of interest to me.

(Note: Hayden didn’t make the record, probably because his hair was in a weird pony tail bobble, not very aero at all. Come on Hayden, you can do better!)

MX as a Supplement

If you just sign up and do nothing, then you’ll get nothing. MX is designed not only to support you, but also for you to interact and get involved. Be it downloading a training plan, geeking out over the Macca member-only podcast, posting your goals in the accountability threads, or hopelessly trying to defend Lionel Sanders for never winning Kona. I got involved with it all, and I LOVE it.

Through all this, there was never any hint of anyone wanting me to drop out of my local tri club, or be less engaged with my local training squad. That’s not what MX is about. Rather, MX is the perfect place for triathlon fans to get together all over the world.

MX Endurance ultimately is the perfect supplement to your triathlon lifestyle.

Tommy Morwood is an XTERRA commentator, self-confessed "triathlon tragic", and MX Endurance member. Follow his adventures on Instagram @tommytalkstri.

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