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MX Endurance Ambassador Applications

2021 has seen our biggest ever intake of MX Endurance Ambassadors. Despite the challenges this year has thrown at us, we have seen our members race around the world and do us proud! We have had athletes qualify for and race at championship events, crush their PR and some even complete their first ever triathlon. But more importantly, our team of MX Endurance Ambassadors have helped to support their fellow members to maximise their own performance.

We are looking to build on the success of the MX Endurance Race Team in 2022 making it even bigger and better.

At MX Endurance, we are looking for a strong team of motivated individuals to help support and grow our endurance sports network. We believe that together we are stronger than we are apart; we are seeking applications from motivated and engaged endurance sports athletes who want to be part of our forward path.

Another Step Forward

We are looking to change how we do things for our ambassadors in 2022, which is why we are looking to make our ambassador program the most inclusive program we can.

We want to take away the stress of meeting criteria or feeling like you need to be good enough to join. We think there are enough barriers to entry in this sport so we want to remove as many as possible.

What we want to do is make sure anybody who wants to be an MX Endurance Ambassador gets the opportunity to do so.

For this reason, we are going to offer different types of ambassadorships for 2022. All ambassadors will be critical to the future growth of MX Endurance. The only thing that will change is what role you want to play for MX Endurance. The choice will be yours!

What We Can Offer You

  • Access to the World’s Premier Endurance Sport Community
  • Access you cannot get anywhere else as part of the MANA Group which is involved with Super League Triathlon, Bahrain Endurance, Pho3nix and Sub7Sub8.
  • MX Endurance Ambassadors will get insider access across all of the happenings of the biggest projects in triathlon and the biggest names in the sport. No other company can get you VIP access at Super League, Sub7Sub8 and all of the future things we have cooking.
  • Big discounts from our partner brands including Magic5, On, blueseventy, Swozzi, Scicon, Today’s Plan, Amp Human and more! – we don’t expect you to use them but with some of the discounts we have available you will probably want to.
  • Discounts on MX Endurance coaching, training camps and events.
  • Special support and mentoring from our team of MX Experts including dietitians, mindset, mobility, coaching and branding experts and of course a multiple world champion triathlete!
  • Access to our bonus monthly podcasts with Chris McCormack which are not available to people outside of the MX Endurance community
  • Access to our MX Endurance communities on both Facebook and Discord.
  • Full access to MX Endurance and all of its training resources and membership benefits including unlimited access to all of our training plans and sessions. This is one of the most extensive training libraries in the world!
  • We are seeking applications from anybody who wants to come and be involved with MX Endurance. We guarantee that if you want to be involved we will find a way that you can be!

We are seeking applications from anybody who wants to come and be involved with MX Endurance. We guarantee that if you want to be involved we will find a way that you can be!

What we expect

If you are accepted into our MX Endurance race team we would expect the following from you:

  • That you conduct yourself to the highest possible standard (that means no drafting, littering or wearing your helmet backwards!)
  • That you are willing to help promote MX Endurance both outside of the team and within it. This means you are active within our community and promote our activities outside of it.
  • That you lead from the front. Where possible you attend MX Endurance events and help to organise team catch ups in your local area or when you travel to an event.
  • Regular interaction within the MX Endurance community. Answer questions or ask your own, arrange group catch ups or cheer on your fellow MX members when you see them at an event.
  • That you meet the requirements of the category that you select.

What We Would Like To See

  • That you race in our team gear – There is nothing better than having people on course offer you support and wearing the MX race gear helps to make you easily identifiable. Plus it looks great and you get your country flag on the sleeve!
  • Highlight the benefits of MX Endurance to other endurance athletes you know! Being a part of MX Endurance can save you thousands of dollars in product discounts alone!


  • Can I apply if I have my own coach?
    There is absolutely zero expectation that you are coached by an MX coach. In fact, if you have your own coach why not encourage them to get involved in our community too?
  • What if I have my own sponsors?
    There is absolutely no expectation that you use the products that we have partnered with. You can even have your sponsor logos put on our team gear! We also have people who can help you find sponsors of your own.
  • What if I am unsuccessful this time?
    While our applications are open to everybody we do have a set number of places available. If you are not picked as an ambassador we promise to present alternative methods for you to be involved with MX Endurance.
  • Do I have to wear MX Endurance merchandise?
    There is no expectation that you buy any of our team merchandise or wear it. We think you will want to and would love it if you did, but it’s not a requirement.
  • Will you only accept fast athletes?
    Absolutely not! While we are looking for some fast athletes we want a good representation of the endurance sports community. The main things we are looking for are people who are involved.
  • I don't really race. Can I still apply?
    If you don’t race that often but are still heavily involved in your local endurance sport community we would love to hear from you. MX Endurance is all about supporting connections and we would love to be able to support your roles in your local community.

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